Sunday, March 18, 2012

Revenants Week starts today!


We kick off the first week with a Character Profile Reveal of one our favorite Revenants!

Head over to Moirae (the fates) Book Reviews to know more about

We still have 8 characters left to be revealed on the tour! I know you're waiting for Vincent so I suggest you drop by @ Fiktshun tomorrow to know more about him!

Watch out for more Character Profile Reveal to know more about your favorite Revenant Characters!

I suggest you wait for Jules because he's just drool worthy!

Meanwhile on a more exciting news Kirkus reviews Until I Die!

Here's a post made by Amy on her Facebook page
Okay, the review I was so excited about was posted last night: Kirkus. Yes. Kirkus gave me a good review. THE Kirkus. The guys who made fun of Vincent's abs in their review of D4M, Book 1. (I mean, how dare they? He can't help having rock-hard stomach muscles!!) :)

But with UNTIL I DIE, they actually were pretty complimentary. And "pretty complimentary" for Kirkus is basically the equivalent of a marriage proposal from anyone else. So...HURRAY!!!!!

The thing is...I only saw the pre-publication review, which I can't show you because it possibly changed before it was posted last night. And, until 2 weeks before the book's release, Kirkus's reviews are subscription only. So if anyone out there is a librarian or is in publishing and has a subscription to Kirkus, send me the review and I will post it for everyone! WOO HOO!!! *wipes sweat from brow*

I know that Amy has been posting about this review and I'm glad to know that Kirkus find Until I Die pretty good. You guys need to read the sequel! If Kirkus has good things to say about Until I Die I'm 100% sure that you guys will LOVE every minute of it!

credits to Rachel @ Fiktshun for the banner


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